How to import M3U playlist to MAG box 250 254 275

Instructions: How to add m3u file to Mag Box 250/254/275  1. Save the m3u file  your-email-address.m3u on your flash Memory 2. Connect the flash Memory  into your device MAG 250 254 275 3.Turn on the device on main screen press on Home Media (EMBEDDED PORTAL) 4. Select your  flash memory name press OK 5. Choose your-email-address.m3u  file and press OK Question massage will show up on the screen; asking if you want to add the channels; 6. Press on F3 Yellow button on remote control [...]


How to setup MAG 250/254/260/275

1. First ,Connect MAG250 or MAG254 to TV and Internet. Then do as follows : 2.Servers—>Portals 3.Set Portal 1 as:   (Double check all the characters) And then Reboot Portal —>After uploading ,reboot device       4.After the box is restarted , wait until the TV screen shows the channels. You can buy subscription at

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