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How to setup IPTV on VLC Media Player

VLC is a great program if you want to stream Live TV from your Mac or PC. Download and Install VLC Open VLC At the Very Top of the program, click MEDIA Open Network Stream Past in the URL we sent you (m3u with OPTIONS MPEGTS) Wait till all the Channels load Choose a Channel and enjoy the show You can buy subscription at


How to setup MAG 250/254/260/275

1. First ,Connect MAG250 or MAG254 to TV and Internet. Then do as follows : 2.Servers—>Portals 3.Set Portal 1 as:   (Double check all the characters) And then Reboot Portal —>After uploading ,reboot device       4.After the box is restarted , wait until the TV screen shows the channels. You can buy subscription at

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